How to make your flower vase a home design piece

Whether you choose a ceramic or glass vase, it's always nice to see it filled with flowers.

However, it's not always possible to get fresh flowers, but there are so many different ways to turn your vase into a centerpiece.

Here are some ways to turn your new vase into a great home design piece. 

1. Fill it with dried flowers

One option is to fill your vase with dried flowers. 

Oh, dried flowers! You could get a stunning flower arrangement with bright pink and white tones, yellow and orange, or perhaps something calmer such as white and eucalyptus.

Visit one of my favorite shop's website for some ideas or nice bouquets to go with your vase, here.


Elisa Ceramics Flower Vase Blog


2. Turn your vase into a bold statement piece

If you can't find dried or fresh flowers, you could always leave your flower vase empty, perhaps as a centerpiece in your living room or kitchen table, or even better, on your kitchen worktop. This is a particularly great option if your vase a good size, an interesting shape or bright colours and patterns.

Even though this is the simplest option, I can guarantee it is the most efficient! Your vase will simply become a home design piece, transforming the style of your room and giving it a new personality.

Elisa Ceramics Flower Vase Blog


3. Fill your vase with branches 

Dried branches are a great option: they are cheap, always in season and easily available. You can DIY paint them, or leave them natural. Either way, they will give your vase a beautiful and dramatic look, which would perfectly complement a textured wall or funky wallpaper.

Elisa Ceramics Flower Vase Blog

4. Make the best use of small spaces 

Even small homes can be stylish. A bold, small vase can be a perfect fit for your kitchen cabinets, or give your library a completely new look.

Check out my Raku Polkadots Vase, or my Balu Polkadots Vase.

Elisa Ceramics Flower Vase 

5. Fill your vase with something slightly unconventional 

If dried flowers or branches are not for you, how about using dried wheat bunches or dried cotton stems? They will last forever and turn your vase into an extremely elegant home design statement piece - a real head turner!

Check out my Rust Amphora, which goes particularly well with a dried bunch of wheat.

 Elisa Ceramics Rust Amphora

6. Create an oasis for succulent plants

Indoor plants have become super popular, and can truly change the look and feel of your home. Before you buy a plant, make sure that you identify the right spot in your room - sunny, warm and humid enough.

Make sure you also buy the right plant pot, stylish but also large enough to allow your succulent to grow freely. Make sure that your planter has a hole carved out at the bottom to allow for proper drainage.

Check out some of my planters available in my online shop.

Elisa Ceramics Succulent Waves Planter 

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